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I am a Coder

Hey I am Muhammad

I graduated from Law Degree, is that a matter of graduating from Law Degree becoming a Coder ? Let me tell you first that I have loved playing around with my laptop and doing a lot of things to install and uninstall my Windows. I want to find something new and unique. I found a Linux OS which is free. After I learned about Linux, I have been trying many distros. I have found one distro that I felt was Uniq , it is Kali Linux. Trying to learn about Penetration Testing for a little bit. And decided I want to learn more to take class or school for Security. I can't find any in my country, but I found one that interested me about becoming a Programmer School in Jakarta. I have decided to take a class from there. The class I took was Web Development. After taking a few months of class that is how I started to become a Coder.

I have been working with some companies and clients in SaaS, Finance, Software House, Logistic and Consulting. There are some Programming languages I have handled such as JavaScript, Typescript, Ruby, Go, Dart, and Java. For the Database I can handle SQL and NoSQL. I am focusing on Web Development but I can handle Mobile Development in Hybrid App Frameworks.

What can I do for you ? I can do scripting for your needs, develop some websites and mobile apps ( Such as company website, CMS ,or E-commerce ), migrate your current project to a new project ( or rewrite ), designed database, setup your environment servers for Continuous Integration and Development ( Google Cloud Platform , Amazon Web Service, and etc.. ), also I can set up your base project to be maintainable for a small project to an enterprise project.